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Creative Copywriting

True marketing copy is suitable for all channels of communication. Whether you are writing for a blog, a website, a sales letter, newspaper ad, direct mail package, magazine article, TV or radio commercial, or whatever… the secret to good writing transcends channel.

Good writing is good writing. The first step to creating “killer” copy is to understand what makes it “killer.” In this issue I’m going to give you a quick tour of the most important element of all… and then give you a bunch of tips on how to use it. What I’m talking about is… STRENGTH!

In today’s world, nobody reads anything any more… except for the headline. And, since headlines are usually written much earlier in the process of creating an ad or sales pitch, they have a huge impact on everything that follows. So, the first thing I’d like to teach you about strength is… How To Think About Headlines!

The secret is your audience

You see, a good headline is like a mini-advance summary of the body copy that follows. It should be short and snappy. It should leave the reader wanting more. It should whet his appetite for the “gravy” that’s coming. It should make him say, “Hmn? I wonder what he’s got to say about X? Y? And Z?”

A good headline can make or break your sales message. If you don’t grab someone right from the get-go, they will quickly pass over your ad or website. It is a short, crisp sentence or two that summaries the main points of your ad or sales letter. It is what grabs your reader’s attention and makes him say “hmm? I bet the rest of that letter has something interesting to tell me.”

The secret to good writing is simply knowing what your audience (your customer) wants to read… and giving it to him (her)… in a way he can easily digest.

You do this by focusing on “their” needs… rather than your own desires.

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