After a few days we completed designing the stunning website for our client and, before we started putting it together, he told us what he wanted the site to be about.

They wanted to make this a “coming out” of sorts for their company and they wanted to explain the services they offer and the different ways in which they can help clients solve their insurance problems. They also wanted to integrate a ticketing system into their site to allow users to claim their insurance policy online. Further to this client wanted automated communication between their company and user based on user activity online. 

project type:
Web Design
10 Days
Aris Group Africa
November 22, 2020

Design in Details

This included sending an email when there was a new Claim on the website, or when a new feedback was added. This client wanted all of this done without any programming on our part whatsoever.  Which, of course, is impossible. But, not only did we create a fully functional website for them, we created a website that far exceeded their expectations. And more importantly, we created a website that makes them money! The client was so pleased with the results they have decided to pay us an additional cash as a bonus for creating such an outstanding piece of work.