The importance of your brand identity

Your brand identity is something you create. Something you “own”. Something that is an expression of who you are, both individually and collectively. Your brand identity is like a signature of your business. It is the “face” your customers see when they think of your company.

7 simple ways to create a stronger brand identity

  • 1. Identify your unique selling proposition (your USP)
  • 2. Make sure your website is optimised for search engines
  • 3. Use the 60/40 rule to create a powerful headline
  • 4. Use your company name often… everywhere!
  • 5. Personalise every communication you send out… even if it’s just an auto-reply message
  • 6. Give all your sales pitches an “eye-level appeal”
  • 7. Incorporate colours in all your advertising… and use them wisely!
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