Why do you need to start using social media?

There’s a lot of talk about “being online” these days. But not enough people are talking about “being ONLINE”. Being online is like being on a highway. You can drive fast for a long time… but eventually… you have to get off the highway and onto the side roads. And if you don’t get OFF THE HIGHWAY… you will get lost. LOST! Being online is fine. But staying online… that’s the road to success.The first thing you need to ask yourself is what are you after? Are you after exposure, rankings, traffic, money, or all of the above?

Your first impulse might be to say “but I don’t know anything about social media.” That is NOT what I’m talking about. What I am talking about is making an honest effort to learn something about the medium.

Social Media is impacting us daily

Social media has become an important part of our lives. It’s how we keep in touch with friends and relatives, keep up with the news, research things we are curious about, promote our businesses… and… get a lot of our “marketing done for us”. It doesn’t matter if you are a celebrity, a business owner, or someone who just wants to be more productive, using social media is essential.

Even if you have a “perfect” business or personal life, you need to be on social media. Here’s why: If you are in direct marketing or “information marketing”, you need to know what your customers are saying about your offers. If you sell by word of mouth, you need to know what people are saying about your product or service.

It’s the best way to spread the word about a new service or product. By getting your message in front of thousands of people at the same time, you can multiply your sales dramatically.

Our Social Media Copywriters will write all the copy for you. You just have to direct them to the right place. And tell them what to write!

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